Pool Equipment


The pump is often referred to as the “heart” of the system.  The pump moves water from the pool to the filter for cleansing and returns clean water back to the pool.  There are many brands and sizes of pumps available.  The size of the pump depends on the size of your pool and how much water it needs to move.  There is no proper “run time” for your pump; however your pool professional can assist with a recommendation based on your pool type.

However, you must run the pump to keep the pool water filtered/circulated in order to keep your pool clean and clear.  If you have an automatic chlorinator in your system, chlorine will only be added when the pool pump is ON and water is able to pass through the chlorinator.


The pool Filter removes un-dissolved dirt and debris from the pool water.  There are 3 types of filters:  Sand, Cartridge, Diatomaceous Earth (DE).


Sand Filters contains sand, or ZeoSand, as the filter media.  When the filter gets dirty (pressure gauge indicates a 7-10 lbs increase over normal operating pressure) you need to clean the filter by “backwashing”.  Backwashing removes filter dirt by reversing the water flow and eliminating water out of the filter.  Sand filters are the simplest type of filter to operate.  Sand filters with ZeoSand filter media filter the water equal to the DE filter without the worry of the DE removal.


Cartridge Filters contain removable filters that need to be removed and cleaned when they get dirty.  These filters are effective; however, the cartridge cleaning process can be somewhat involved.

DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

Until recently, the DE filter was known for producing the best filtered pool water.  The DE filter contains grids which need to be cleaned when the filter is not operating at its potential.  If the grids are damaged (torn/ripped) they must be replaced and this may allow DE to enter the pool during the filtering process.  However, the use of the DE powder has always been a problem during the backwash process.  When the filter is backwashed, the white DE sludge is removed from the filter and placed wherever the backwashed pool water sprays.  Then after the filter is cleared, you must re-charge the filter with new DE powder.  Today, with the development of new filter media products for sand filters (i.e. ZeoSand) that filter to the same micron level as the DE filter; many people are trading in their DE filters for the ease of the sand filter.

Automatic Chlorinator:

The use of an automatic chlorinator keeps a consistent flow of chlorine to your pool.  It also eliminates the frequent handling of chlorine tablets.  K&M Pools strongly advises its client the use of this method of chlorine delivery to pools when using the tablet method of chlorination.

Pool Heaters

In our part of the country pool heaters are more effective than pool pumps because they heat the pool water faster.  The size of the pool heater depends on the size of your pool and how fast you wish to heat the pool water.  There are many brands of heaters available and your pool professional can recommend the best heater based on your pool.

Pool Cleaners

The least expensive method of cleaning your pool is with the traditional pool vacuum.  If you have lots of time, they work great!  However, the majority of pool owners don’t want to spend hours manually vacuuming the pool and opt for an automated vacuum.  Again, there are many automatic pool cleaners on the market and each brand works a little different.  They all work; the question is which one works the best and requires the least amount of attention. We believe the POLARIS cleaners with the booster pump (Polaris 3900) work the best with the easiest method of removing debris from the unit.  We’ll be glad to show you how they work!  For those who prefer the robotic unit, POLARIS now makes the 9300 series that do not require a booster pump and are much easier to clean out their collected debris than their competitor’s units.

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