Pool Renovations

Renovating a pool can be more difficult than building a pool from scratch.  There are many unforeseen issues that arise during the renovation process and your pool contractor needs to be prepared for them all.  These issues can include uncontrolled ground water, broken pool lines, damaged electrical connections, non-functioning equipment, etc.  When a pool professional is unskilled, these issues can be unsolvable causing the homeowner a lot of extra expense, and aggravation, in finding a professional qualified to correct their unsolvable issues. 

When contracting for your pool renovation, you should research your pool company, look at their previous jobs, verify they have a valid NJ Home Improvement License and valid insurance. 

If you hire an unqualified contractor your yard could end up looking like this:


However, a qualified pool contractor can take your "unforseen issues" and turn them into a beautiful new pool!

The completed renovation of the unqualified contractor:


Another example of a common renovation is taking an old pool and updating it.  For example, changing the pool liner, concrete around the pool, removing old equipment and installing new items, such as a waterfall!

Here is an example of a 25 year old pool made new!

 1-3VV-Before 13-3VV-Finished 
 Before  Finished

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